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“I am no less a man because I fear. I am no less a man because of mental health struggles. I am no less a man because only I get to decide what it means for me to be a man”. -Shawn Henfling

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To provide access to mental health treatment, psycho-education, and community resources to men of color.


Our Goal

Remove The StigmA

Research shows that men feel pressure to conform to traditional gender norms such a toughness, fearlessness, and invulnerability to pain. Unfortunately many Black men often suffer in silence because of fears that being vulnerable goes against masculinity ideals. Each male selected for the free sessions is essentially encouraged to become a mental health change agent. By one male simply sharing/discussing his experience with other black men, he creates a safe space for another man to step into.

Matching Providers and Clients

In addition to myths regarding masculinity, a second cited reason is apprehension about attending therapy is comfortability. Men of color want a therapist who they feel can actually identify with their unique cultural stressors such as racism, prejudice, and economic disparities.

Eliminating Costs

Lastly, a third major barrier is the cost of treatment or lack of insurance coverage. Based upon their experiences with other societal health organizations, research also indicates that men fear limited financial resources will result in not receiving quality therapy. We pair the male up with a provider of color who is qualified to meet their specific needs.

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