Healed Men, Heal Men!

Our Individual Therapy Program (ITP) is Designed To Eliminate 3 Major Barriers that Prevent Black Men from Seeking Therapy

Goal 1: Eliminate Cost

We jumpstart men’s healing journey by providing 8 FREE sessions. Lack of health insurance, under insured and or expensive out of pocket costs can be a major barrier for many black men. The average  therapy session can range from $75-$200 per session. Due to health disparities, men with limited financial resources may not seek treatment if they rightfully doubt they can receive quality mental health care. By making the first 8 sessions free, we seek to show men the long term value of committing to their mental health and working with a therapist, thus making paying for the service more palatable. *Currently 75% of our men continue on with their paired therapists and either pay for or use health insurance for treatment after the free sessions

Goal 2: Create and Promote Cultural Competency

Men of color want a therapist who can identify with their unique cultural stressors of racial injustices, social and economic disparities. We recruit and hire minority clinicians of color to offer 1 hour a week of their time, for 8 weeks.  Our most distinguishing and perhaps valuable tool is our unique proprietary client-therapist pairing system. We have developed a pairing system that uses 8 different matching variables (including cultural competency) to pair each client with a therapist they are most likely to build a strong relationship with. By ensuring the men feel their therapist can identify with them we build the best therapeutic alliances. This helps to: 
1. Eliminate all of the laborious confusing work it typically takes for a client to find the best therapist to meet their particular needs.
2. We are producing positive experiences leading to successful therapeutic outcomes for the men that includes an overall commitment to their mental health.  *Currently 96% of our men are pleased with their therapists and their overall BMH experience.

Goal 3: Eliminate Stigma

Unfortunately many Black men often suffer in silence because of fears that being vulnerable goes against masculinity ideals. Stigma also exists within the black community around the idea of “asking for help”. Each male selected for the free sessions is encouraged to become a mental health change agent by starting conversations with other men about the importance of mental health. Stigma requires secrecy and shame in order to exist. The brave men who come through our program help to combat secrecy and shame around mental health treatment every time they openly share their experience. One male simply being vulnerable and normalizing his experience ultimately creates an invitation and safe space for another man to step into. Hence our slogan: Healed Men Heal Men.


Please Be Aware that BMH currently Only offers Telehealth Virtual Sessions
and that we are currently only able to provide individual therapy for men who
reside in the following states: PA, NJ, DE, NYC, MD, D.C., VA, GA

If you’re interested in beginning therapy with BMH, you can click on the “Apply Here” button.

 It’s important to keep in mind that there is a waiting period, and admission into the program is not guaranteed. Due to the high number of daily applicants, you might be placed on the waiting list for a maximum of 1-3 months. Nevertheless, we are committed to processing these applications as quickly as possible and sincerely appreciate your patience.