Most frequent questions and answers

You can attend our virtual free space, Kings Corner, held every Sunday, 7pm. You can sign up here Click To Join

For our other service Heal With Him for our ladies, you can sign up here Click To Join

You can also check out this page for recommended resources. Resources page

We appreciate your application and look forward to assisting you, however the waiting period for BMH may be anywhere from 2-4 months. Please be reminded that we are not an emergency service, so if this is an emergency case, please call 911.  If this is not an emergency, you can also check out our other resources page. Click Here

We currently do tours, merch sales/promotions and fundraising events, we would love some help on from time to time. The cities we are interested in having volunteers from would be  PA, NJ, DE, NYC, MD, D.C., VA, GA

Email us at volunteer@blackmenheal.org Please let us know your State, City, and what way you would like to volunteer.

We would be happy to work with you, please provide some information via this link so we can ensure that we are a good fit. https://blackmenheal.org/speaking-event-form

In order to collaborate on a project with us, we would need to know the services you offer. How can you help us help others? The easiest way to do so is by telling us a little about you and your organization. You can do so by clicking this link. https://blackmenheal.org/collaboration-form