Gun Violence Group Therapy (GVGT) will address the mental health of youth and their family members as it relates to the impact of gun violence in Philadelphia by providing educational and clinical resources around grief and how to cope more effectively. The various psycho-education/mental wellness groups will provide opportunities for communities of color to address and heal collective trauma.

GVGT is a group therapy program that will provide emotional support and coping skills training to individuals who have been impacted by gun violence. The first demographic that we’d like to target are middle & high school-aged youth, therefore we are reaching out to you to see if your school/organization would like to have us come to present our program to your students. The presentation is 60-90mins long, it will be led by Licensed Counselors and Certified Mental Health specialists, it’ll be a combination of presentation & discussion style, and it will be totally free to your school/organization and household.


Location of Project

Philadelphia PA Community.

Population of Interest

–       Black Young adults who have been affected by gun violence.
–        Families who have been affected by gun violence.

How will the project address the needs of the community?

Our intervention will consist of intergenerational conversations, workshops and group counseling sessions led by skilled and trauma-informed facilitators, designed to empower participants with enhanced awareness of mental health, tools to positively change their own mental wellness, and sustainable connections to resources offered by the Community Based Organization and the City of Philadelphia.


●  Improve mental health outcomes of Black and Brown youth and families adversely impacted by the gun violence in the city of Philadelphia.
●  Skills building for OPE staff, Commission contingent, Black Men Heal & Community Partners
●  Tell the story to gain broader support from community and community stakeholders

What is the goal of GVGT?

To create a safe space for Youth and Families who have been impacted by Gun Violence.


Black Men Heal in Collaboration with OBME is launching a new therapy support group for Youth and Families. Through a trauma-informed approach, the groups will provide a safe environment where individuals who have been Impacted by gun violence in the Philadelphia area can receive education, mental wellness strategies and coping tools for healing.


With gun violence in Philadelphia having reached a record high since the Pandemic we recognize that many communities in the Philadelphia area are suffering from the impact. As a city we are experiencing collective trauma and we aim to help members address and more effectively move through the grief process through the use of education and collective trauma interventions.

Group Information:

These will be closed groups facilitated by trauma-informed mental health therapists. 

This Program is for you if:

1: You have ever lost a family member, friend, or loved one to gun violence.
2: You Have been a survivor of gun violence or have a loved one who has survived gun violence.
3: If you have ever witnessed gun violence.
4: You live in a neighborhood where there is gun violence.

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